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★ Alliance Heroes of the Spire Version: 4.1.1  

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Alliance Heroes of the Spire Online Generator

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What's New in Alliance Heroes of the Spire (The Game)

What's New

Finally What’s New in Alliance Heroes of the Spire Version 4.1.1 .

Hero Events
Hero Event: Imperium Law featuring the all new Marauder, Priestess, and Royal Dragon!
Hero Event: Rampant Magic returns, featuring the Corrupted Elf, Peacekeeper, and Battle Priest
Hero Event: Skull Island returns, featuring the Nomad, Sky Pirate, and Assassin
The Slime Queen Lost Dungeon
The Slime Queen returns February 21! Will you be able to face the threat and escape the evil of the ooze? Wartech equipment and powerful Artifacts await!

Starting with the Slime Queen, Lost Dungeons are shifting from a four-week to a two-week schedule. Quests for opening Artifact cores and spending Artifact Dust have been moved from the Lost Dungeon tab to the Limited tab. These Quests will be available for an entire month to span multiple lost dungeons.

Elite Explore Rift Update
There are new Epic Rifts types that have a chance of appearing for all players. These new rifts will exclusively contain the following items.
Rank XP Wisps
Shadow Essences
Shadow XP Wisps
Ethereal Essences
Ethereal XP Wisps

Additionally, new Elite Commander quests have been added to the General > Account tab. Completing all Elite Commander quests will unlock the chance for new Elite Epic Rifts to appear for Jewels and Equipment with up to Rank II drops, depending on the rarity of the rift.

Hero Balance -Battle Priests, see forums for details.

Crown Update Promotion
Celebrate the new changes to Crowns!
Crowns can now be used on any member of your team (XP Crowns excluded)
Crowns will stack with all active Crowns on your team
Look for limited time quests for powerful rewards and daily free offers starting on February 22nd!
New Ethereal Crowns, Alliance Raid Crowns, and Explore XP Crowns have been added to the game

Bug Fixes:
When you are force logged out, the background music will resuming playing once you are logged back in.
Fixed missing rank images on jewels from explore rifts
Increased the number of abilities shown on the Hero Inspector panel - often hid Rank 5 and Crown abilities
Fixed combat effect description for Empowered Taunt
Fixed Fafnir, the Fire Dragon missing its Rank 5 Aura skill
Fixed Warhorn abilities not being updated with their balance update
Fixed Hero passives and Leader skills that are not working properly. This includes things like Giftbringers, Aleria, Rank Auras, and a few other miscellaneous visual bugs that involve the Advanced Stats page for heroes.

Improvements and Features:
Better Connection/Disconnection handling
Initial Load optimizations
Auto battles will now show all available rewards instead of just the first three.
Viewing a hero's equipment in the barracks will now show all abilities and not just the leader ability
Viewing a hero in various places will now always show the rank abilities
Optimized auto battle performance
R4/R5 Floor bosses take increased damage against stat boosted skills
Updated skill descriptions on Equipment dungeon bosses to be more consistent with current Heroes