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★ Hidden City Version: 1.35.3501  

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Hidden City Online Generator

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The Golden Features For Hidden City Online Generator

The Golden Features

✔ It’s Not HACK or MOD or CHEAT.
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What's New in Hidden City (The Game)

What's New

Finally What’s New in Hidden City Version 1.35.3501 .

This update fixes the issue causing energy to disappear as well as the problems involving the event totem timer working incorrectly and event gifts not being available. It also makes a few improvements to the previous update featuring:

NEW HIDDEN OBJECT SCENE – A newcomer has appeared in the City and dared to rob the Manor! Juliette caught the thief red-handed, but he jumped out of the window and rushed towards Hidden Row. Will you be able to track down the thief and find out who he is and how he got into the City unnoticed?
DEAL WITH THE SHADOW EVENT – Complete 35 challenging quests, collect items in bonus mini-games and be rewarded with the "Shadow's Chosen Ones" Necklace, the "City Hall Treasures" Chest, unique avatars of the Elusive and an amazing super avatar.
MEET A NEW CHARACTER – Special Agent Jones arrived in the City on the orders of Headquarters. Discover what case brought him here.
MINI EVENTS – The City has prepared lots of different short events with valuable prizes. Check the game every day so you don’t miss any!
MORE QUESTS AND COLLECTIONS – 24 absorbing new quests and 4 marvelous collections await you.
NEW BOOSTER – Use the Lunar Lens to see which items you can find when you zoom in on a scene.
FIXES AND IMPROVEMENTS – Your favorite game is only getting better. Check it out!

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