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★ Rules of Survival Version: 1.0.61  

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Rules of Survival Online Generator

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The Golden Features For Rules of Survival Online Generator

The Golden Features

✔ It’s Not HACK or MOD or CHEAT.
✔ Anti Ban.
✔ No Survey.

✔ Only need a web browser to use.
✔ No need to download.
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What's New in Rules of Survival (The Game)

What's New

Finally What’s New in Rules of Survival Version 1.0.61 .

* Level system update: There will be no level limit for characters when Season 6 starts. Characters can be upgraded without limitation; each level has its corresponding level reward chest. When players reach Lv. 100, Lv. 200 and Lv. 300, they can claim Exclusive Level Medallions, Avatar Frames and other rewards; Also, gold rewards will no longer be given at the end of games due to the addition of Level Chests.
* Gold Mode+ has been changed: Game mode will change to Echo Valley Sniper, which retains its fast pace with only 20 players. The game zone is limited to Echo Valley. Lots of sniper rifles are available.
* New Season available: Season 6 will begin and Season 5 will end after maintenance. When the new season begins all ranking data related to rank matches as well as current battle stats and historical data will be cleared. Players that participated in rank matches can claim season rewards according to tiers:
Master: Adv. Supply Tickets x50, season-exclusive reward - Blade set, S5 Master Medallion;
Diamond: Adv. Supply Tickets x33, season-exclusive reward - Blade set, S5 Master Medallion;
Platinum: Adv. Supply Tickets x25, season-exclusive reward - Blade set;
Gold: Adv. Supply Tickets x16, season-exclusive reward - Blade set;
Silver: Adv. Supply Tickets x8;
Bronze: Adv. Supply Tickets x5.
* S6 Distinction available;
* Training Supply Box Update. Draw the Training Supply Box to potentially claim new Looks (Sacagawea set, Kylin set, etc.) and all-new pet, Rocky.
* Spring Festival is almost here! Spring Festival Events will be gradually introduced. The first stage of the Spring Festival Events will be available after maintenance;
* Spring Festival Event, Lucky Lion: After maintenance, players can pick up items in any mode (except for Death Race Mode), including Firecrackers, Window Flowers, Drums and Lion Heads. Collect a set for a Lucky Bag; the items can be given or received between players and additional rewards are available for gifting items. Each player can send no more than 3 items daily; feeding the Lucky Lion with Lucky Bags will earn players corresponding rewards and increase the growth of Lucky Lion on the Event page. When the progress reaches a certain point, players across the entire server will receive corresponding pack rewards;
* Newly added character emote, New Year's Greeting, while matching: Squad members will send Spring Festival greetings to each other when they start matching after maintenance;
* Spring Festival-themed main interface: Newly added Spring Festival elements on the main interface that will be displayed after update. Players can tap to claim randomly dropped gifts;
* Restored the classic sound effects of footsteps and hit sounds;
* Adjusted vehicle's exploding tires: Increased the tire HP of big-wheeled vehicles, including SUVs, SUVs with various Looks, and Monster Trucks;
* Improved gunfire consistency when consecutively firing single shots;