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Rules of Survival Online Generator is an Online Generator that provides you the best service you ever get. With Rules of Survival Online Generator you will get all things unlimited and they are all working online (you don’t need to download or install any software). Rules of Survival Online Generator works on every platform so far as you have a web browser on it.

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★ Rules of Survival Version: 1.0.104  

★ Online Generator Version: 

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Rules of Survival Online Generator

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The Golden Features For Rules of Survival Online Generator

The Golden Features

✔ It’s Not HACK or MOD or CHEAT.
✔ Anti Ban.
✔ No Survey.

✔ Only need a web browser to use.
✔ No need to download.
✔ No jailbreak or root required.

✔ You will not lose your progress.
✔ No Human Verification.
✔ It’s compatible with all devices.

What's New in Rules of Survival (The Game)

What's New

Finally What’s New in Rules of Survival Version 1.0.104 .

1. New Content
* Hero-related Update
- New Hero: Rocket Skater is now available. His special Rocket Boots allow him to soar through the air, delivering deadly blows from above;
- Added Crack Sniper's skill effect: Bullet damage has now been increased significantly when Scope is on;
- Heroes' Cloak effects: Invisible heroes will now have a residual shadow effect. They are not fully invisible, and can be seen when looked at closely;
- Added Sharpshot's passive effect: Gain additional healing when using Medications;

2. Bug Fixes
* Fixed the issue where Character display errors would be triggered while parachuting with a Paraglider;
* Fixed the issue where Cloak could be triggered when using Wingbuddy - Orca;
* Fixed the issue where the player's camera angle and character models could get stuck in roofs sometimes;
* Fixed the issue in Hero Clash where Airdrops would not be deployed throughout the entire game.

The Rules of Survival Development and Community Team