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★ Stardust Burning Lands Version: 1.2.7  

★ Online Generator Version: 

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Stardust Burning Lands Online Generator

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The Golden Features For Stardust Burning Lands Online Generator

The Golden Features

✔ It’s Not HACK or MOD or CHEAT.
✔ Anti Ban.
✔ No Survey.

✔ Only need a web browser to use.
✔ No need to download.
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What's New in Stardust Burning Lands (The Game)

What's New

Finally What’s New in Stardust Burning Lands Version 1.2.7 .

New features:
[Chapter Quest] Added chapter quest, after completing all the tasks in the chapter and receiving the chapter reward, you can open the next chapter.
[Radio]@ Added radio function, players can learn about game walkthrough, fun stories, and state situation, etc. on the radio.
[Exclusive Monthly Pack]@ Get 680 crystals now, and receive 200 crystals + 1 universal fragment + 20 strengthening stones every day for 30 days.

[Main Quest] The main quest is adjusted to be opened in chapter 7 of the chapter task, and part of the main quest is transferred to the chapter quest
[Drill]@ New performance mode of drill; Numerical adjustment of level’s formation in drill
[Battle Animation]@ Battle animation optimization, increased text battle report when watching the battle video

Hero adjustment:
[Hero system]
1. Hero name adjustment
2. Hero rarity is adjusted from star mode to gray, green, blue and purple quality mode
3. Added hero fragments, which can be obtained through recruitment or universal fragment exchange
4. Hero strengthening replace hero promotion, and the consumption is changed from hero card to hero fragment
5. After the hero is strengthened, their attribute and unit capacity can be increased
6. The higher the quality, the higher the upper limit of strengthening

[Skill system]
1. Skills are divided into three qualities: green, blue and purple.
2. Skill dismantling is adjusted to hero fragment unlocking
3. Skill research is adjusted to hero fragment research
4. Skill experience conversion is adjusted to consumption of hero fragments
5. The skill acquisition efficiency has increased by 4 times, so the skill upgrade consumption has been increased by 4 times, at the same time the skill experience limit has been expanded by 10 times.

[Recruitment system]
1. Added hero fragments to Elite recruitment and EX card package recruitment
2. Continuous draw of Elite pack and EX card package are adjusted from 5 times to 10 times, but the number of crystals consumed for recruitment remains the same.
3. Players recruit 10 times at a time, 5 of which guarantees hero cards; 5 times of guarantees hero fragment
4. The free recruitment time CD is adjusted from 12 hours to 8 hours. Canceled the half price recruitment, reduced the single recruitment cost from 200 hel crystals to 100 hel crystals
5. Greatly increased the chances of recruiting purple and orange cards

Bug fixes
Several bug fixes