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★ War Planet Online Version: 2.3.0  

★ Online Generator Version: 

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War Planet Online Online Generator

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The Golden Features For War Planet Online Online Generator

The Golden Features

✔ It’s Not HACK or MOD or CHEAT.
✔ Anti Ban.
✔ No Survey.

✔ Only need a web browser to use.
✔ No need to download.
✔ No jailbreak or root required.

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What's New in War Planet Online (The Game)

What's New

Finally What’s New in War Planet Online Version 2.3.0 .

We proudly present the first water-based event!
- Deplete resource mines on the World Map to collect Engineers.
- Send Engineers to the World HQ to score points.
- Gain milestone rewards based on your event score.
- After the completion of the event, Medal and Xenon-X deposits will spawn around the World HQ island.
- All spawned deposits are guarded by powerful Renegade Warlords. Defeating them will bring you great rewards.
- Any PvP battles at the spawned deposits will only result in damaged units.
Conquer Research
- A brand-new Research tree devoted to Cross-World warfare.
- Unlock requirements: Research Institute level 31.

New Commander
- Unlocked at Command Center level 6.
- Allows the sending of a sixth march.
- Talents: Offensive specialist with boosted Occupation Speed and a unique Stun skill.
New Sentinel Skills and Polished Sentinel Menu
- 1 new active and 3 new passive Sentinel Skills.
- Passive: Cross-World Occupation, Cross-World Damage, Cross-World Health.
- Active: Conquer skill – increases player's Army Size during Cross-World events by 50% for 5 min. Cooldown: 24 h.
Tier 11 Units!!!
- Unlocked at Unit Factory level 32.

- Anniversary Chain Event: WPO’s Second Anniversary will be celebrated with a special Chain Event and bombastic prizes for all participants!
- Anniversary mini-game and Trader: During the celebration period, Birthday Cupcakes will spawn on the World Map. Send your march and gather them to collect Cake Boxes containing a special anniversary currency—Cherry Cupcakes. Spend your Cupcakes at the Trader to receive awesome prizes.
- PvE Seasonal Rotation: The return of Pax Mechanica. This presents a great opportunity for players to get these seasonal Crafting Materials and craft awesome equipment pieces!
- New crafting items:
Pax Mechanica Gear: Ammunition T5, Armor Upgrade T5, Implant T4
Conqueror Gear: Tactical Kit T5
Veteran Gear: Exoskeleton T5, Companion T4

Minor changes and bug fixes.