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★ War Planet Online Version: 3.5.1  

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War Planet Online Online Generator

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War Planet Online

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The Golden Features For War Planet Online Online Generator

The Golden Features

✔ It’s Not HACK or MOD or CHEAT.
Anti Ban.
No Survey.

✔ Only need a web browser to use.
No need to download.
✔ No jailbreak or root required.

✔ You will not lose your progress.
No Human Verification.
✔ It’s compatible with all devices.

What's New in War Planet Online (The Game)

What's New

Finally What’s New in War Planet Online Version 3.5.1 .

What's new in Update 25?
Welcome our explosive new PVP Feature: the FACTION WARS! Join epic one-hour cross-world battles between factions in a unique combat level where you fight for control over strategic forts! The ultimate goal—conquer your enemy’s main base, assert your dominance and WIN!
The question is: Are you ready to defend the honor of your faction and fight against foes from different parts of the WPO Universe? If so, let us get straight into the details!
- There are up to two battles per week for each faction—one attack and one defense.
- The Faction Leaders & Diplomats pick the time and the date of the attacks.
- Up to 200 players can participate in each battle.
- The war is won by capturing the main base of the opponent. If the timer runs out, the winner is the faction that controls more forts. If there is a tie, the defending side is declared the winner.
- NO UNITS DIE! You can bring your entire army to the battlefield and not worry about its well-being. Right after the Faction Wars end, your entire army will be teleported back to your airfield—without a scratch!
- During Faction Wars, the Garage has no maximum capacity—while combat continues, you can repair as many units as you want with the new Repair Gear currency!
- The Faction Wars Menu: All information you need is in this new section of your Faction menu. There you can see your faction’s current rank, pick the time slot for your next attack (if you are a Faction Leader or Diplomat) and also prepare for a critical defense.
- Matching Powers: A fair matchmaking system will ensure that you will face enemies of similar strength. So your tactical skills will be crucial in future wars.
- Faction Wars will become available when your World HQ reaches level 5 and when your faction has 100 or more Influence points.
- After each battle, based on their score and the outcome of the clash, players will receive Glory XP that will help to level up their Glory Rank. Each new level will unlock powerful bonuses.
Get ready for non-stop action and explosive surprises!

- Barrage Bomb for Commander Walker
- Backbone Blaster for all commanders

- The Winter Rumble chain event: Join the special events during the holiday week and fill your bag with frosty rewards!
- The Gift Hunt mini- game: Piles of wrapped presents will spawn on the world map. Gather them and get our deliciously valuable currency—Gingerbread Cookies! Exchange them at the exclusive jolly Trader for his super-sweet presents.
- Snowflake currency with special powers
- Two crafting items: X-MS Chip [Electronics T5] & X-MS Plate [Armor Upgrade T5]
- Redesigned Santa Gear and Conqueror Gear Sets

- The Мarauder Renegades are coming to town with a new addition to their gear set—Zinc Shells [Ammunition T5]

- 1 stunning Christmas Base Decoration
- 4 new super-cool Emojis
- 3 badass holiday Avatars
- 4 special Frames

- The Fallen Heroes chain event honoring the WPOARMY members we have lost. And you, the WPOARMY, have chosen the events that will be part of it.

- Discord account connection
- Minor bug fixes